Intuitive software provides specimen protect function, result in real-time, and automated report generation.


  • Flexible: select strain, force, or pressure mode
  • Safe: set “safe strain” limit to protect samples in any loading mode
  • Instant: real-time display of sample properties and stimulation parameters
  • Accurate: automatically accounts for differences in sample thickness and weight
  • Adaptable: adaptive load control to maintain a desired strain amplitude or peak strain
  • Sensitive: measures small changes in sample thickness, stiffness and creep over time
  • Efficient: automated report, including result graphs of every outcome parameter


  • Mode: Select loading mode (strain, force, pressure)            
  • Task: Select “Stimulate”, “Analyze”, or “Sequence” of stimulation and analyze tasks              
  • Analyze: Select pre-load and test load, Measure thickness, stiffness, and creep
  • Stimulate: Select pre-load, load amplitude, frequency, and number of loading cycles
  • Sequence: Schedule a sequence of “Stimulate” and “Analyze” tasks